Finally actually got these Qol finished off! Hopefully I'll be quicker with the next lot.


Well, it's taken me a while to get going, much longer than I anticipated, but I'm beginning to work my way through the Qol. I'm not sure how to base these fellows, but I'm quite please with some (some) of the painting; it was a bit of an experiment, and I prefer the blue Qol to the green versions. I think for the rank & file as it were then they will all be in the same colour robes, but these characters I quite like in different colours. More soon I hope!


The other week I was fortunate enough to spot a giveaway on the Lead Adventure Forum. Sir Barnaby Hammond-Rye was offering figures from the Tekumel Project, absolutely free. Not one to turn this generous opportunity down, I found myself in the surprising position of having been the first to respond, and soon afterwards in receipt of a box with lots of lovely figures.

Having been interested in Tekumel ever since Eureka released their range, though I never got to the stage of ordering any and then found the range discontinued, this was something of a turn up. Even more so when I found extra figures which were an added bonus included in the package! So, first of all a big thank you to the honourable gentleman!

Having jumped these to near the front of the queue, I'm going to try and maintain a painting log, so first up are pictures of the unpainted metal.

The Aridani Legion of Lady Mrissa Warband: these are lovely figures (well, they all are actually), and the detailing is lovely and clear, I can tell I'm going to enjoy painting these. However, I've discovered the motor in my drill has blown, so they might have to wait until I can acquire another one so as to drill out the hands of the spear-wielding figures. I think I may well start off on the command figures in the first place though.

 Qol Characters - a variety of Qol with assorted equipments, objects and so forth. I especially like the figure with the open book. The photograph probably doesn't do the painting potential of these figures justice.

Qol Troopers with bows, knives, halberds. Likewise my photographs may not be doing them justice.

Qol Palanquin  - 8 Qol bearers with palanquin and priest (or priestess). The poles with which to bear the palanquin are also there, just not in the picture! I'm still thinking on colour schemes, have to do some more research I think.

Finally, Mara - set of 6 Tibetan Demons, with a variety of hands and weapon attachments. These are going to take some careful planning to paint to get the look right, but the added bonus is that I may well be able to draft some in to In Her Majesty's Name scenarios as well!

So, plenty to be getting on with, I'll be posting pictures of the various figures as they are in the stages of being painted.

If you want to go to the website, the Tekumel Project is here: http://thetekumelproject.blogspot.co.uk/

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics, Rob! Here is the picture that inspired the Mara: http://lohwand.blogspot.ca/2012/01/mara.html

    The Lohwand blog is where you can find info about other stuff planned for the "Garden of Kama", including the Daughters of Mara, female counterparts of the Mara.