Sunday, 27 September 2015

By Fire and Sword - The Transylvanians are Coming!

 By Fire & Sword - Transylvanian Skirmish Force, Pillaging Raid

Friday, 22 November 2013

Qol Group Shot

If you should wonder why some figures have one type of tuft and others a different type, it's because I got mixed up between the Army Painter 'Wasteland' and 'Wilderness' tufts, and by then it was too late...!

Aridani Legion Command

The first five figures of the Aridani. This leaves me with 10 more to paint, though I started undercoating them and then realised I hadn't yet drilled out their hands... These five are the command figures, and very nice they are too. I have a lot of trouble doing decent flesh tones and faces, but on the whole I think these worked. The colour scheme is more or less based on the illustration on the Tekumel Club webpage.

Qol, Finished!

In a turn of events very rare for me, I've actually finished a set of painting! More of the lovely Tekumel figures, here are the other half of the Qol characters and some with various polearms, and the Qol Palanquin set.

The Palanquin is a great set; once I'd got hold of a working drill to go through their hands it didn't take too long to paint up. The general idea I had for the model was of an old road through marshy ground - the Army Painter tufts came in very hand for this.

Had a spot of bother getting the figures to sit right on the base, but I think it turned out quite well. The bases of the bearers are still mostly visible - my plan to blend them into the flagstones didn't really come off, but still, I'm pleased with the overall look of the model.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Finally finished some Qol!

Well, quite some time after receiving the figures from the Tekumel giveaway on the LAF, I have actually managed to finish some Qol characters and archers.

Considering some of the lucky winners' models have only just arrived with them, it's probably not very good that I've only managed to finish 10 so far. Still, I'm pretty pleased with the results. First time I've used ready-made tufts on bases too, and I'm a definite convert! Gone are the days of cutting grass to size and getting bits of it all over the place...

Next up will be the Qol Palanquin, and having finally replaced my drill I can finally drill out the hands of my Aridani and get on with painting them too.