Thursday, 11 July 2013

Yet another attempt to maintain a blog. Of some description.

The title says it all really. Having never really managed to maintain a blog this might be a bit of a foolhardy venture (especially when I'm trying to finish a PhD, but that's another very long and probably rather dull story). On the other hand, it does give me something else to think about.

So, in light of the knowledge that I have enough being painted, and in the queue, to provide material for at least, oh, three or four posts, maybe more if I string them out a bit, I shall give this another go. I should add that this is entirely motivated by the great blogs many of the inhabitants of the Lead Adventure Forum have, though I doubt it will be up to those standards. Still, having been on the LAF for just over a year (and subsequently spending far too much time on there when I should be doing other things), I'll give it a go!

By way of a teaser, in line for posts are - a lot of Tekumel figures I was lucky enough to acquire through the extremely generous giveaway on the LAF the other week, so I shall post in-progress painting pics of those; various VSF figures for In Her Majesty's Name, picked up at Salute and actually nearly finished(!); Muscovites for By Fire and Sword, acquired at Salute and waiting to be painted, and anything else I think of. I have a vague idea I might build an airship. Not a real one, a 28mm VSF one for IHMN. I also have various other older projects I could photograph in case of a slow week.

Oh. It all sounds so optimistic doesn't it?

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  1. Unless you are trying to monetize the blog, post what you want when you want and don't get too tied up in page views. Infrequent good content is preferable to a constant stream of crap.